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Ethics & Business

Monday, September 24, 2012 @ 09:09 AM
Dr Ioannis Syrigos

In my opinion, most of the problems that have brought economy to the state that it is now have to do with ethical issues.

One such example is when you sell a product or service to a value a lot more than its actual cost. You can do that either because you know that people will buy it or because you have a monopoly or just because you got the chance to do.

In the same way it is unethical to loan someone money that you know he won’t be able to repay you. Isn’t that a common pattern that has appeared frequently in the last decade?

Greed is one of the major components of such actions, taking advantage of others for your own benefit. It is actions like increasing your profit at any cost, gathering wealth without concern for other people and acting in ways that you ignore nature and the rest of the world. Do not take me wrong, that doesn’t apply to everyone, it is just state of mind and a way of thinking very common nowadays, and mostly responsible for the overall state of the humanity.

The times that we are going through demand a change in our attitude, a change that will make us more responsible for the power that we have in our hands no matter how small or big it is, making us realize that is it not just about ‘having’ but mostly about ‘giving’.

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