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How a few simple actions could fix our world today

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 @ 08:10 PM
Dr Ioannis Syrigos

Today I was wondering why some things cannot change today, even if most people realize that what is happening is wrong. And it was in one of those bright moments that I realized that the solution could be very simple and yet very few are ready to take this step.

People do not realize that the power is in their hands and not in the hands of the few.

Let’s state how a few of the problems today could have been solved:

Problem: Banks are controlling more and more the governments and the money of the people, creating money out of thin air.

Solution: if 50-60% of people withdrew all of their money from the banks and never used the banks again, most of the banks would go bankrupt and their power would go down to zero.

Problem: The taxes are increased, the salaries are going down.

Solution: 50-60% of the people stop paying taxes until the system becomes fair. If in a company there is an unfair reduction in salaries all the employees shall quit.

If the percentage was 100% the result could be even faster and more drastic. Of course the solution is not that simple as stated but requires many other things to accompany those solutions, however the big step would have been taken.

Why it is not happening? Because it requires people to act as one, to gather their forces and go against the source of the problem. It also requires people not to have fear in taking such a step because of the consequences. It also requires for some people to sacrifice their privileges for the good of all. Yes it requires courage, selflessness, absence of greed, unity and team effort and the result could come out fast.

However the reality is that someone or something doesn’t want people united and promotes division in every different aspect of life.

I am wondering how much does it take for people to wake up?

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