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Is your Windows slow? Disable some of the startup programs …

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 @ 07:09 PM
Dr Ioannis Syrigos
We all get to the point where Windows is getting slower and slower. With Windows 7 that was dramatically improved, but nevertheless it is still there!
Whenever Windows starts, it is not only the windows software that is loaded. Every time you install any new software, most of the times a few processes are installed by the new software that will start at the same time as Windows start and you are not notified about that during the installation of the software (most of the times).
As time pass, and you install more and more new applications, more processes start at the same time with Windows. Each of those applications consumes CPU, memory and system resources, therefore making your Windows experience a gradually ‘slower’ and ‘slower’ experience.
However you have the option to fix that on your own, without re-installing Windows.
And here is the fix:
Microsoft with most of the latest Windows versions includes a system utility called MSConfig. Through this tool you can disable startup processes directly without interfering directly with any application.
Step 1: Open the start menu and type msconfig in the search (run) box
Step 2: Msconfig will run and if you end up with a list of similar commands, click on msconfig
Step 3: Click on the tab Startup and deselect all the startup items that are unnecessary (usually anything that doesn’t show Microsoft as the manufacturer)
Step 4: Click on Apply and then restart
You will definitely notice a big difference in your startup process and speed of your Windows.

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